Program Guide (April 11)

SorceressBy Patrick Jenkins

Film Summary
A mythological adventure story. Two sisters head to the big city to see a concert. When the younger sister is kidnapped, the older sister embarks on a perilous journey to rescue her sibling from a wicked Sorceress.


Our Precious BombsBy Adam Rosenberg

Film Summary Our bombs are precious to us. In this short patriotic film, the CP Weaponry Corporation urges every viewer to give bombs the love and respect they deserve.

Artist Statement Adam Rosenberg is a filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia. This work is a component of The Cluster Project, a web-based art project about cluster bombs, drones, nukes and other forms of modern entertainment.


Fifty-EightBy Ron Devitt

Film Summary Fifty-Eight is as dramatic short film about a popular high school student coming of age in the 1950s. Mitchell Standhope is a standout at home and at school. It seems nothing can stand between him and the idyllic 1950s life. Everything is great in ’58! Or is it?

Artist Statement Ron Devitt is a journalist and filmmaker who was born and raised in Calgary and spent many years living and working in Lethbridge. Ron has worked as a writer, director and producer in British Columbia’s independent film scene. Fifty-Eight is the first film Ron has made in his home province of Alberta. It was shot in Calgary using local actors and crew.


Intimidate MeBy Gianna Isabella

Film Summary A mysterious boy, new to the school sticks up for a girl who gets bullied.

Artist Statement Intimidate Me was a passion project meant to be a fairy tale that takes place in high school.


Paint Me a PictureBy Vincent Varga

Film Summary Logan, a varsity football prospect chasing his dream to play professionally as his ailing sister is neglected by their father.

Artist Statement Paint Me a Picture depicts how failed dreams can be pursued regardless of circumstances, given the necessary support is given.


The Homogenics By Gerard Freixes Ribera

Film Summary The same people living in the same houses. Standardization turns everything into stereotypes. The Homogenics family sitcom is an extreme example of that.

Artist Statement Born in Igualada (Spain) on 1979, Gerard Freixes studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Nowadays His works are usually made by digitally manipulating archive footage to create new narratives.


Disorient By Jenesse Ritchie

Film Summary Disorient is a short experimental film directed by Katy Cunningham and written by Jenesse Ritchie that challenges the viewers perspective and expectations of time and space through the manipulation of different cinematic techniques. Disorient features a nameless heroine, played by Laura Abramsen, who finds herself trapped in a fragmented and dream-like labyrinth.

Artist Statement Jenesse Ritchie and Katy Cunningham are currently completing their fourth year of Film Production at the University of Regina. Jenesse grew up in Creston, British Columbia and prior to attending the UofR she completed her first year at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta where she focused her studies on photography and has since gained great interest in cinematography and post production. Katy grew up in Branson, Missouri and while attending the UofR discovered a passion for directing and writing as well as an interest in documentaries and journalism.


O Leonardo By Bob Paris

Film Summary History’s most brilliant and imaginative human being created not only transcendent art, but machines of war and extermination. This dark ode to Leonardo da Vinci uses 20th century images of flight, weapons, war and invention to address our divine primate impulse, our fateful gift, for grand creation and destruction.

Artist Statement Bob Paris’ videos have screened at venues around the world including the Whitney Biennial, the Image Forum Festival in Tokyo and the Rencontres Internationales in Paris and Berlin. He is director of The Cluster Project, a web-based art project that explores the social, historical, financial, and technological anatomy of cluster bombs, along with the wider issue of weapons and war in modern society. The CAluster Project is slated to launch in early April 2013.


Fragile Ground By Amber VanPinxteren

Film Summary Love is filled with hope and anxieties about the future; love is melancholy. Love walks on fragile ground.

Artist Statement I created this film during a time of great anxiety in my life when I was questioning everything I’d ever done up to that point. The one thing I knew was that I was in love but that it terrified me. This film is an expression of the tug-of-war in my mind between love and fear of its vulnerability.


Inner Shrine (Digital Poetry)By Jing Zhou

Film Summary Inspired by the poem “Journey Home” composed by the noted Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore, combined with my writing, “Inner Shrine” reveals the emotional and spiritual journey in searching of one’s soul. To find the inward space of one’s own—the home of the heart, one has to experience life to the fullest. It is the most intricate encounter that wanderers have to undertake, through which they discover the essence of their existence and the answer for who we are.

Artist Statement As a Chinese woman artist living in the western world, I am aware of art, philosophy, and mythology from both cultures. Developing a personal visual language that expresses universal ideas, I create multimedia artworks for the stories and aesthetics of each project, and for making visible those concepts which reflect my personal experiences. I want my viewers to look at my work through magical windows into a deep, secondary space. Inspired by nature and multiple cultures, my artwork explores our common humanity and reflects my spiritual experience. Creating artwork required me to realize my nature, re-study my culture, and adapt new thinking, which resulted in a new perspective on life. It has also challenged me to constantly solve visual problems, learn new techniques, and explore the splendid human heritage. In other words, my artistic creation is a process of deciphering my life journey.


Tape Loading Error By Sandra Araùjo

Film Summary Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritte’s surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines.

Artist Statement Video games are a pervasive media that are influencing a wide range of social and cultural practices, so it only felt natural for Sandra Araújo to evoke them for inspirational source. The endless hours shooting at monsters and strolling through mazes heavily influenced her discourse and aestheticwhen she first pursued photography as the medium of choice to complete her academic studies. Nevertheless, in a single-shot image the visual and audio immersiveness of video games got lost in the threads of the creative process. In order to achieve some of the interaction and game play qualities of video game she became involved into 2D computer animation. That gave her the opportunity of mashing-up iconic video game characters and scenarios with 8bit music. The gif format is also used for its animation abilities and widespread browser integration. It also resembles game patterns and gives it a playfulness feel and nonsense aura by splattering different mediums into a single-channel video screening. When trying to sum up that work / play affair she says, “The main purpose is to create animations that evolve through an experimental and explorative process of the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. That aesthetic choice reflects and reiterates lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer games.” She still plays old school video games. Sandra Araújo is a visual artist and VJ undergoing the MA in Artistic Studies – Theory and Critic of Art program at Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto. Her experimental animations have been screened mostly in independent film and new media festivals across Europe, Canada and the United States.


They Cannot Touch HerBy Katie Barkel

Film Summary Neon is the fifth most abundant element in our solar system, but it occurs very rarely on Earth. It must be industrially manufactured by the cryogenic fractional distillation of liquefied air. Despite its rarity here, neon ubiquitously hums, operating with near subtle omnipotence in the western world. Bakeries, strip joints, barber shops, car dealerships. The accelerated pace of 20th century capitalism was accompanied by the popularity and spectacular nature of high-voltage glass tubes sculpted into neon advertising signs. Gas stations, Chinese food, adult film rentals, drive-thru only. Borrowing its name from the score of Taxi Driver, They Cannot Touch Her reminds the passerby of the residue of antiquated industry and marketing – bringing light to its romance, its excessiveness, and its position as an entry point into invented histories.


TravellerBy Sam Chegini

Film Summary Story of a traveller who is asking herself symbolic questions about the meaning of life along the road.

Artist Statement Traveller was recorded for ‘A Musical Journey’ album by Linde Nijland and Bert Ridderbos in 2010. The video is intended to convey the astral sense of the song. A 2D computer animation with watercolor paintings were designated for the background, to carry over the softness and pureness of Nijland’s voice and music into the video.


The Chocolate FactoryBy Nigel Goodwin

Film Summary A man who cannot seem to find happiness in his life happens upon a heroin dealer who offers him a “world of pure imagination”.

Artist Statement This film is a very different look at Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


C-299 792 Km/sBy Derek Van Gorder

Film Summary C is the story of Lieutenant Commander Malleck, and her radical act of mutiny aboard the KESTROS IV. With the help of her co-conspirators, she attempts to harness this weapon of mass destruction for a grand new purpose. But when a contingent of ground crew led by Second Lieutenant Kai threatens her master plan, Malleck must use the ship against them in order to succeed.

Artist Statement C is my first short film, and an attempt to create a retro action/sci-fi educational disco propaganda movie. An homage to both classic space opera and real-life science, this indie sci-fi short was shot the old-fashioned way, with in-camera effects and miniature photography instead of CGI or greenscreen. We raised all of our funding for the film online, through Kickstarter and paypal donations.